The Association of Jewish Educators serves to help promote members to positions of management and administration.Read more.


AJE protects the interests and supports the needs of classified employees who maintain safe and efficient school environment conducive to learning... Read more

Certified Professionals

We strive to ensure that teachers receive all the support and information they need to help themselves and their students achieve success. Read more.​ 
The Association of Jewish Educators

Community Members

Substitute teachers, retirees, and community members are all essential to the Jewish community in LAUSD, and it our mission to provide them with all the support they need... Read more

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Our Staff


  • To function in an advocacy role in responding to the needs of the school community.
  • To provide professional assistance to community groups, boards of education, and other leaders in or related to the field of education.
  • To initiate and coordinate activities and programs in order to promote positive educational, economic, and environmental development in the community we serve.
  • To build leadership capacity and create leadership opportunities for all members.
  • To serve as support and a source of information.
  • To provide scholarships to exceptional Jewish High School students and students of all backgrounds who work to improve inter-group harmony. 


The Association of Jewish Educators is committed to support the professional and educational growth and well-being of Jewish educators, administrators, students, and their families in the Los Angeles Unified School District and greater community.

Welcome to the Association of Jewish Educators!

The Association of Jewish Educators (AJE) is an organization that promotes public education in the Jewish community. It proudly

represents all Jewish employees in the Los Angeles Unified School District. We welcome all educators, administrators, and

interested community members to join our organization. Its focus is on protecting Jewish issues in District Policies that involve the separation of church and state, sensitivity for religious observances and the adoption of appropriate instructional materials. AJE is a proud member of the Multi-Cultural Coalition to award scholarships to students of many ethnic and cultural backgrounds and to promote cultural awareness and human relations.